Monday, 30 March 2009

Ready, set, GOAT!

East London went all countrified on Sunday in the inaugural Oxford Vs Cambridge Goat Race. It was timed to coincide with the boat race, so while the reporters were giving pre-race coverage of the teams on the river bank, we were treated to pre-race feeds and bleats inside the city farm's enclosure. 

It was a wonderfully surreal afternoon, with the feisty and somewhat vertically challenged Cambridge working the crowds and the serene and remarkably clean Oxford patiently eating with a sock puppet sat on his back. I told you it was surreal. 

The event's logo was designed by Cookie, and I presume the sock puppet jockeys were the handicraft of his girlfriend, Nicky Gibson

More photos and the winner revealed on my Flickr.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ben Javens strikes again

I blogged a little while about this Vetiver poster that I coveted, well I will covet no more, I'm the proud owner of edition 11/20, and it's a beaut. I'm waiting to frame it, but it's on the most delicious thick watercolour paper, it seems a shame to place it behind glass.

Further to a lovely email conversation with Ben, I was also pretty chuffed to find a screen-printed tote book bag inside my poster tube! It's all about the personal touches. 

I've also noticed a few updates to his blog, and spotted this chunky little people typeface, 'Alphabetty' which made me smile, I apologise if I've misused/abused your typeface, but I wanted to say a personal thanks. Thanks!

On yer bike!

This was a surprise birthday present and it's just beautiful and suits my Brompton down to the ground. It's a great piece of classic English design, so I thought I'd share the packaging. 

The Brooks website is worth a peek too.

The reason I have a sweet tooth...

It's in my genes of course! Great little Chupa Chups advert by DDB Spain, although it clearly works in any language, found via the appropraitely named Inspire Me Now tumblr

Wild thing I, I think I love you

It's much anticipated and if the trailer is anything to go by, Spike Jonze's interpretation of Maurice Sendak's classic book 'Where the Wild Things Are' is going to be sensational.

View the trailer here.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I stumbled upon the ‘FOUR LINE LONG POEM’ recently and it got me thinking, are we heading towards a succinct world? Is less, more? Or are we just getting lazier? Is brevity the new brainy? No flowery prose or verbose dialogue needed now, just tell it to me straight.


OK, so you could interpret these ‘poems’ as deep, ridiculous or just plain bizarre, but this montage of four liners is also telling of our concentration span. Tweets and Facebook updates have to be engaging enough to stop us in our tracks at least long enough to LOL back some kudos.

Perhaps this is merely the latest fashion of story telling, but currently we are actively encouraged to make clever use of limited characters. Hemingway toyed with telling a complete and very short, short story in six words, that’s 32 characters to you Twits out there. “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”, he claimed it was his best work.

The best use of Twitter I’ve seen to date aside from Towerbridge’s personable, informative and human Tweets, “I am opening for the FGS Brandenburgh, which is passing downstream.” is the creatively succinct tales of TimKeyPoet. Key manages to paint a world in a few brush strokes and leave us asking questions and frankly wanting more; “Poem#171. “I’m not marrying that pig!” I said to mother. She continued to leaf through the portfolio.”

Short, short stories are not a new phenomenon and I’m not claiming as much, but haikus must be sagely nodding at Twitter and waiting for all the fuss to die down. In the mean time it concerns me that we might lose the ability to converse in more than 140 characters.

I think I'm suffering from mild Neighbourphobia!

I wish my neighbours would take off like in this clip, I was woken at 5am, yes 5am, by a drum kit and a bass guitar and the raucous party next door. And where was my invite?! Anyway, I've realised I badmouth my neighbours a lot and found this, I'm not alone! I'm just suffering from neighbourphobia. 

The website has some sweet illustrations, especially in the quiz, including David Attenborough (the nicest man in the world). You can take the test and see how affected your area is too, it's a bit 28 days later on a serious budget, but nice sentiment.

After a bit of digging and emailing, the illustrator is a Mr. Pancaldi, although it seems he's quite the talented painter too!

Test Tube Tulips

Simple idea, nice execution, a potential DIY project. Let me know if this inspires you to make something similar, I'm going to be on the look out for an old test tube rack now...

{I can't find the original link that these came from, apologies.}

Burger bun

I have a moral dilemma, it's a cake so that's good, but it's in burger form so that's... oh, good. Ah, no dilemma at all it seems, just double delicious. 

This incredible creation was made by caketime for Jon Burgerman, it was a welcome to New York cake for her visitor who ironically is named Burgerman but is a vegetarian.

You have to admire the attention to detail, read about the ingenious use of ingredients at the caketime blog, The use of mango as cheese and dyed desiccated coconut as lettuce. 10/10

Image credits: close up details: caketime, full burgerbun: Jon Burgerman.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy miniature land

I've shared tilt shift images before but it makes me so happy, so here's the latest installment from Keith Loutit, from Sydney's Mardi Gras parade. Happy sunny Tuesday! Also check out his bath tub animation, look out for the falling fisherman, great spot Henry!

Mardi Gras from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Periodic Table of Typefaces

Popular, influential and notorious. A geeky pleasure, if I were a typeface I would be Bembo or Bodoni, what would you be? Now there's a conversation stopper.

Designer chocolate

What a great way to start the day, I can only imagine how satisfying this chocolate tastes, look at it in all it's archaic splendour. 

I did a little digging into the Mast Brothers and was delighted find them to be real, and don't they look exactly how they should? Mr. Wonker would be proud. Saccharine salutations to Messrs. Rick and Michael Mast.

Mast Brothers Chocolate, now could someone explain why it's not Brothers' please?

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

See you on Facebook

Great animation, "What Facebook Is For", couldn't have said it better myself.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Beware: lemmings!

I have always been creeped out by lemmings, am I alone? 

This is an incredible animation by a group of fourth year 3D animation students at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Vantaa, Findland.

It's lengthy, but worth the watch, I like the tiny detailed observations, like the wine box, the windows and Lemming sounds. Bravo!

More information on the making of, over at Make, thanks to Elly for the find.

Eli, no!

My parents have a dog called Kip. Kip is very naughty and has picked up the pseudonym Kippy no no! Such is the regularity of his naughtiness, it turns out he is not alone, introducing Eli, better known as Eli, no!

Created by the very talented Eighthourday check out their other work too, I get the feeling Eli, no! is an imminent book success as the images have been removed from Flickr, and they are getting much coverage of late. Let's hope it sees the light of day.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Head in the clouds

I'm a little preoccupied with pitch madness at the moment, normal service will resume shortly. Until then, imagine me like this grey lady, with a face full of cumulonimbus. Via Booooooom

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Naughty but nice

A small but perfectly formed batch of 25 pop up books, Pop Up Porn, have been hand made by Michele Chun and Miya Saito, those little minxes. Available to buy from Sometimes Books for $50 or a card for $5. 

The subject matter may be a little risque but it's still a crafty and clever project. Documented on their Flickr stream.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Banner band

I saw this interesting banner ad the other day, good use of space and context. Reminded me of this job site advert.

Hello scrubber

 Some interesting objects inspired by the mundane, don't they scrub up well? More product design goodies by Jason Taylor

Monday, 2 March 2009

When will this playful advertising bubble burst?

New Aero advert, I prefer the makings of though:

To be honest, I'm glad JWT have repositioned themselves so it's not just housewives perving over semi-clad men (wow I'm officially getting old), it does feel a bit JWT but at least it's positive and a bit phantasical and it's a lovely Spring day so I won't slate it. I think the full 60second clip is aired tonight on channel 4.

"Feel the bubbles" more info here

Oh JWT, why, why??!! I hope Davetheknave got some credit, he's had over three million views.
His video has an energy that is somewhat lacking in the tv ad, ah well. Still a great idea.

Red alert

The ginger gene is dying out. In 100 years there will be no more strawberry blondes, gingas, carrot tops, copper knobs, flamed haired beauties, no nothing!

I went along to the Idea Generation Gallery on saturday to view Jenny Wickes' exhibition cataloguing, questioning and realigning our opinions of the endangered ginger in an aptly named exhibition called Root Ginger. 

It was a strangely alien collection of vibrant orange on stark white walls, but there is a beauty in it, undeniably and to my good friend Sophie who is a profound supporter of the ginger, I salute you.

More pics here

An ordinary life

Do you ever see something that just makes you reflect for a moment or makes the world seem to pause?

These two birds were swooping along the road and caught my eye, I followed their path upward and saw this scene. Welcome to my filmic life. My filmic, ordinary life.

EDIT: Now available in a Poladroid version

Dictionary corner

For visual stimuli other than google images, check out the fledgling photographic dictionary and watch it grow. Let's hope the quality of images stays constant.

Screen test scatter cushion

Retro cushion with the screen test pattern, perfect for weekend sofa surfing. Available to buy for £27 here.