Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Another day another excuse to bake a cake

This is a farewell cake to Pablo and Johan, both leaving Digit towers for pastures new after nearly 6 years service between them. They will both be missed. In case you're wondering the recipe is a raspberry variation of my old favourite, the Blueberry Sour Cream Cake, by the delectable BBCGoodFood.com

Monday, 15 September 2008

Caution HOT

This is very real and it was very painful, but this oven burn is also rather fetching in the form of an accidental exclamation mark.

See more accidental type here in this flickr group.


I'm off on holiday for two weeks now, so limited blogging this week while I'm holidaying in this country. I hope to get some doodling done during this period, but in the meantime I will leave you with the beautiful sketchbook artwork of Ghost School.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Fling it!

I was lucky enough to come toe to toe with an exciting new brand, namely MBT, The Anti-Shoe, they had an intriguing promotion whereby you throw an old pair of shoes into a bin and receive an entry into a competition to win a pair of MBT shoes.

They also had lovely 'angels' giving massages, free shoe trials and free booze, can't be bad after a day at work. If you're able to try a pair, not only will they start to work out muscles you didn't know you had, you'll also me able to walk like Mr Soft.

I happened to have a dilapidated pair of shoes, so along with my colleague Joe (pictured), we promptly flung our belongings into a bin. Fingers crossed we can win a pair of posture correcting orthopedic shoes! Oh dear.

Image credit: Joe Turner-round mid-fling.

Spot ilustrations

I keep noticing these little spot illustrations on New York Times website, I think they're very fetching, but have no idea to whom the credit belongs. I may have to do some investigating...

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hidden Jeep

Such a clever and simple advert. As seen on I Believe in Advertising.

Illustration by Gary Lim, commissioned by BBDO.

It's the end of the world


I love the Guardian for this G2 cover, have a good look at it, it escaped my notice at first, the comedy genius is in the details...

Hattie Newman

I saw Hattie's handiwork at the launch of YCN Live in the form of a dead tree that was magically brought back to life for one day.

Her work is bright, fun (even the sad clowns) and playful of course! Multi-disciplinarian Hattie draws, paints, makes, her props and stage sets are a cardboard delight. Pass me the scissors and cardboard...

Her site is currently being refurbished but her blog is available. Take a peek.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Regent Bowerbird

Today I was educated in the way of the bowerbird by sculptor, artist, and all round creative type Jane Gillings, who sent me this Regent Bowerbird. It was Jane who made this beauty that I posted about a few days ago.

" We have quite a few native Australian bowerbirds, the blue one is the Satin bowerbird,
the black and yellow (above) is the Regent bb. I like the Satin because it collects blue things and regularly appears in my dreams"

I wish Satin bowerbirds appeared in my dreams, I'd better get cracking on the cheese before bed.

Thank you very much to Jane, I look forwad to seeing more of her birds, as she's exhibiting in November.

Winter is here, make a lantern!

I stumbled across This Is Limbo's flickr stream recently and had to post these beautiful pictures since it is getting chillier here in Blighty and that in itself is a tad depressing, so why not make one of these gorgeous lanterns...

You will need:
Tissue paper/tracing paper
Tea light

This Is Limbo displayed theirs around the streets of Tel-Aviv, perhaps Stoke Newington will have some new street furniture coming their way...

Images Credits: courtesy of This Is Limbo's Flickr

Caw, clack, gobble and hoot

Ever wanted to know how to describe sounds better?

Have a little look at Written Sound, an aid to imitative or onomatopoeic words, I've highlighted (Bower) bird words for you here. Thanks to Chris for the link.

Image Credits: Bowerbird, 'Bird speak'

Monday, 8 September 2008

Rain, rain, go away

This one is dedicated to all the troopers at Bestival, bad luck on the weather guys. Head over to Little Odd Forest to see more quirky, felt goodies.

Uber girly

This post is unapologetically girly, these delightful sickeningly adorable bunnies are hand-made by The Vintage Magpie and are available to buy here. Made from vintage materials and mohair no less, any female of any age in your life should have one. Prices range from £25 - £85.

Thanks to Sarah to introducing me to this site, she has bought two already and says they're truly wonderful in person too. I've got my eye on Little Rosie (blue spotted ears above), so if anyone would like to make my day...

Tired and lack lustre

I've felt lack lustre all day and so thought I'd share some doodle illustrations I made a while ago that demonstrate how to have ideas, if only it were that simple.

Advice includes, get out and about in the fresh air, doodle, cut out inspiring images and doodle your dreams. Maybe I should take my own advice...

Friday, 5 September 2008

Play with words

Books are beautiful, and always make great birthday gifts (23rd March incidentally), but I also love to see what else clever creative types can do with them.

I once made a model of a dog's face out of a book, it was a dog-eared book, get it? I have a photograph knocking about somewhere, I should dig it out...

Image Credits:
Book computer seen on ffffound
Book stool by Laura Cahill, photograph by Bowerbird at New Designers

Play with type

Anyone who knows me will know about my love of 'play', I dare you to a game of scrabble. Words and play combined = heaven, anyway, I came across this blog about play with type and like it's jolly, simple and clean aesthetics.

More here

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Britain From Above

For those of you not lucky enough to catch the full series of Britain From Above, the wonderful BBC and their iPlayer are at your service. I only caught the last episode but it is beautifully filmed and really quite interesting. I particularly liked the tagged teenagers milling around street corners. Enjoy.


Work in progress

It's been such a long time since I painted that I decided to paint for an hour as a challenge, I prefer the work in progress to the more finished piece, but thought I'd share. It's not the closest likeness, a little caricature, but has definitely given me the painting bug again.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Green Park doodles

I drew these a few weeks ago in Green Park and would like to make some collage pieces from them, so I'm putting them here to share, but also prompt me into action.

They're, there, their

I'm a bit of a stickler for good grammar, being a good Grammar School girl and all. I just received this link (thanks Toby) and thought I'd share my grammatical gripes.

20 examples of grammatical misuse

Illustration available to buy from Threadless, courtesy of Mr Florencio Zavala

We have known each other

I have a deep admiration for anyone who can draw well from memory, I am a real life sort of girl, I need the subject matter to be in front of me, these amazing photographs are overlaid with drawings from memory. The effect is a little eerie, but beautiful draughtsmanship all the same.

See more at www.tanjageis.com

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I saw this and couldn't resist posting it.
Found on This Bower My Prison, I think they're a hoarder/sculptor, nice Bowerbird!

Monday, 1 September 2008

I Love My Brompton

Apologies for the flurry of blogging activity, this illustration is a work in progress I thought I'd share.

I love my compact pal, I did try and give it a pet name, but Brompetta just didn't stick, so for now my lovely companion is just Brompton. It has a friend called Brompty.

There's a Brompton race happening at Blenheim Palace, but sadly I'm on holiday otherwise I would have joined all the other eccentric Brompton owners, I love that the rules stipulate all entrants must wear a jacket, shirt and tie.

Test-card Monitor Cosy

Ok, so do I buy it or copy and make my own? Really sweet item, too early for a self Christmas present? Beautiful creation from Sally England Designs, available for $45, limited stock...

I also love the Mr Moustache decorative pillow.

A Rubbish Idea

I love a good idea, I saw Oliver Bishop-Young's work at New Designers and recently noticed he's done a YCN Live skip project too. He's a Goldsmith's graduate, also take a look at his Climate Changed Tube Map, it makes for scary reading. I think Stoke Newington is wiped off the map, eeek.

Think outside the box

A recent doodle for a Shell brainstorm.