Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Lost & Found

This is my last post for a while, but it's a goody.

Try and catch Oliver Jeffers' animated version of his best selling children's book 'Lost & Found', I was lucky enough to receive this book as my Digit Secret Santa present this year, it's a beautiful tale, a tale as old as time. Boy finds penguin on doorstep, penguin follows boy, boy sets off to return penguin to the South Pole. I won't spoil the ending for you, but try and catch it over Christmas, or yule be sorry, ho ho ho.

Channel 4, Christmas Eve, 2.30pm
Channel 4, Boxing Day. 12.30pm (repeat)

Created by the impressive studioaka who are also responsible for the Lloyds TSB adverts, which bear more than a passing resemblance to scenes in Lost & Found. Happy Christmas everyone, over and out.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Pencil prowess from Rachel Cattle. See more of her graphite greatness here.


Beardy Best Wishes

Christmas card design from my lovely Bearded friend, she isn't really a bearded lady, just a great illustrator. Thank you for my physical card too Miss Beard, I'm collecting the set; see you in the New Year.


Friday, 19 December 2008

Jingle (Microwave) Bells

Season's Greetings from AKQA.

Shake it like a Poladroid picture...

Just thought I'd show how the Poladroid sits on your desktop and what the development looks like. Give it a go, it's great fun, there's also a Flickr group you can submit them to afterward.

Shake it like a Poladroid picture...

As of 31st December 2008, the Polaroid will be no more, they will cease production, but worry not there are some new alternatives coming on to the market. However you can create Poladroids for free, FREE!

It's a downloadable application that you drag your photographs on to, hear the polaroid sound and watch them develop on your desktop, you can even shake them to speed up the processing! You can save the images to keep, you can also keep saving them as and when they're developing.

Here are a few of mine, I'm finding this app very distracting while at work, I keep processing polardroids, oops.


This will make you feel very, very small

Mind boggling statistics about technology and the future. I'm crossing myself as I type. Enjoy!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

5 minute doodle Mistiletto

Happy Christmas!

Mistiletto and Wine

I had this idea the other day for alternative sexy Christmas cards, which are open to pun-age.
I give you Mistiletto (or Mistle-toe) and Christmas Stockings (not that it is THAT original). I never actually got around to developing this, maybe next year.

We wish you a chutney Christmas

Mmmm, simple, human, interaction.

Elly and Claire launched the inaugural Digit Chutney Christmas Lunch today with their homemade chutneys compleat with their own product branding. In summary we are now suffering a cheese coma, Elly's chutney was more spicy and Claire's was more tomatoey, both equally yummy.

Bored, cardboard.

Snappy little cartoon strips from Phillipa Rice, My Cardboard Life, enjoy.

Don't panic...

Only one earth week until Christmas! You still have time for last minute shopping and wrapping, but I shall take a moment now in the spirit of good will to all men and say smugly that I have completed all my shopping and wrapping with one week to spare. Hurrah! Some creative repositioning of old illustrations into gift tags was needed, but voila!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bowerbird Barbie

Only joking, it's actually The Birds Barbie, created to celebrate the film's 45th anniversary, couldn't they have waited another 5 years? It seems an arbitrary anniversary, ho hum, here's the blurb, note the age restriction, brilliant. Also it was Zombie Barbie on Monday I wonder what's next?

In 1963, Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, gave us a tale of terror not soon forgotten in his film “The Birds.” Dressed in a re-creation of the stylish green skirt-suit worn by the film’s ill-fated heroine in an iconic scene, Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” Barbie® Doll celebrates the 45th anniversary of the acclaimed film. From the doll’s classic ensemble to the perfectly painted expression to the accompanying black birds, every aspect captures the film’s infamous appeal.

A Note to Parents: The Birds is rated PG-13. Consult

It's a collector's bargain at $40, bag The Birds Barbie here.

A good banner ad

I can not believe I have uttered those words, but every now and again a banner advert actually succeeds and engages you. I have witnessed such an event. Lo, I present the campaign for National Book Tokens.

"Because every book nut is different"

1. Select a book (that will become a book nut, it's a head, a nut geddit? Tenuous.)
2. Draw a head in the banner itself, hurrah I'm not taken elsewhere and it's not an expandable banner obstructing the content.
3. Download your drawing to your desktop.
4. Go along on your merry way.

This may seem obvious and banal but it's actually very clever, I've engaged with the brand in a lighthearted way and have remembered it most importantly. On the downside the National Book Tokens website is dry as dust, the drawing that you download is unbranded (as shown above) and I can't find the banner ad for you to play with now, but I did capture a few screen grabs; which only demonstrates how piqued my interest was.

Pixel Perfect Poster

A pixel poster, simple idea, you know you want to customise one...
Found here.
It reminds me of Graphic Thought Facility's Me Box, as shown above, mmm pixelly.

Monday, 15 December 2008

12 Days of Christmas

It's an over illustrated subject matter, but in the name of charity Studio 8 have collaborated with artists, designers and illustrators to create a lovely set of Christmas cards for Shelter. Here are four of my favourites, I posted my cards this morning so maybe some of you will be getting them shortly...

Congratulations to the super talented Zoe and her team from Studio 8, it was a lovely night at the exhibition in Poke's Gallery, lovely free booze from Stella Artois too, cheers all.

‘Five Golden Rings’
Michael Kirkham

‘Six Geese a Laying’
by Adrian Johnson

‘Two Turtle Doves’
by Douglas Bevans

‘Four Calling Birds’
by Tom Gauld

Sling your hook

While we're on ailments, I spotted this the other day and now can't remember where it's from, if anyone has any further information, it'll be gladly received. I love the idea of the sling telling the story for you, I went on a St John's Ambulance First Aid course recently so I could bandage you up good and proper. In a non S&M, purely medicinal way of course.

An unliving doll

I'm feeling a bit meh today, I'm trying to denounce a cold and a headache and any other ailment that is currently knocking at my door, so this post sums up my less than rosy outlook. Happy Monday everyone.

Make your own undead Barbie here.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Marc Johns can do no wrong

In my eyes at least. I have just discovered his work and have consumed his blog, site, Flickr and shop in one fell swoop, and just for good measure have bought his Bearded Bird. I think I got carried away with all the Christmas Shopping I've been doing this weekend!

Marc has a curious outlook on the world, a delicate touch and a keen sense of humour. I particularly like his set of Trappings, I'm a big fan of unusual media, so mousetraps and post-its are all good with me.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Lovely seed animation

Written and directed by Johnny Kelly, of Nexus Productions, paper models by Elin Svensson in collaboration with Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. Lovely, clean use of paper stop frame animation and 2D animation.

Watch 'The Seed' here.

Have a break...

Clever piece of outdoor marketing, as seen on Ffffound.
However, more inventive bench-vertising here.

The First Lady of Fashion

Oh what is a first lady to wear to the Inaugural Ball? WWD asked 34 designers to imagine what Michelle Obama could wear for the Inaugural Ball on January 20th, Christian Lacroix's images (pictured above) are the most impressive by a country mile and put the other designs/designers to shame frankly, see for yourself, more here.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ahhh ink, I miss you

I was sent a link to some lovely Saul Steinberg illustrations today, he's one of my all time favourite illustrators, these images are over 60 years old and they still look contemporary.

I particularly like the hand drawing the drawing, ooh meta pictures* I've not thought about you for quite a while.

I miss the line quality that you can only get with ink and dip pen (or better still a stick/twig).

See the full article here, thanks Ferg.
*"[a]ny picture that is used to refer to the nature of pictures is a metapicture"

Nice job!

An impactful campaign by Jobsintown.de, 'Life's too short for the wrong job!'
Wise words, campaign by Scholz & Friends, Berlin.

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

I just spotted this on Flickr and it tickled me, I like the idea of shocking, controversial postcards, because the good people of Royal Mail do read them right?

Image found here.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Clever little additions to tea bags, designed by TBWA, thought I'd share.
Seen here.

A wordy sculpture

This is 'House of Knowledge' by Jaume Plensa, as seen in Chatsworth as part of the Beyond Limits exhibition, kindly sent to me by Trina.

It's an incredible sculpture that looms high above people, some 50 odd feet above, not that you can tell from this picture, also I believe the words are taken from a William Blake poem.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Some actual illustration

I realised that this blog is called bowerbird-illustration and it's somewhat scant in the illustration department so here is some work by one of my favourite illustrators Penelope Dullaghan. I saw her quote on Flickr this morning and thought I'd share.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The evolution of logos

Great little site charting the history of some global brands and their logos. More here.
Thanks Igor for the link.

Nice drawers!

I've hung on to this image for so long now, I've forgotten where it's from, but suffice to say, I think this bespoke recycled furniture is gorgeous, and I'd love it to grace my new flat. I think I was an apothecary in a former life, complete with an apothecary's cupboard.

you SCRABBLE love I

Scrabble is one of my favourite games but my boyfriend will no longer play against me, he has lost the last 6 consecutive battles. I love this campaign for Scrabble, produced by JWT Santiago, it works in any language, which is quite impressive for a game dedicated and dependent upon language and the written word.


Piece of cake

Tasty ideas galore from SUCK UK, fast becoming my favourite site, at only £20, this is bound to impress when you bring it to the table.

Old doodles and projects

Since I can't post any of the pitch illustrations and designs I've been working on I thought I'd dig out some old Digit doodles that ended up shaping the projects. Amazingly both projects are still live.

The Dallas Guild
I created this website in my first week at Digit, scarily two and a half years ago, it's my first ever attempt at web design so don't be too critical.

The Grand Tour
Working alongside super-talented Art Director Andrew Dean, we created this website, complete with an animation that changes dependent on the weather in London.

Thanks to Pete for arranging this poster-like image of my doodles.