Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I think I'm suffering from mild Neighbourphobia!

I wish my neighbours would take off like in this clip, I was woken at 5am, yes 5am, by a drum kit and a bass guitar and the raucous party next door. And where was my invite?! Anyway, I've realised I badmouth my neighbours a lot and found this, I'm not alone! I'm just suffering from neighbourphobia. 

The website has some sweet illustrations, especially in the quiz, including David Attenborough (the nicest man in the world). You can take the test and see how affected your area is too, it's a bit 28 days later on a serious budget, but nice sentiment.

After a bit of digging and emailing, the illustrator is a Mr. Pancaldi, although it seems he's quite the talented painter too!

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