Friday, 19 December 2008

Shake it like a Poladroid picture...

As of 31st December 2008, the Polaroid will be no more, they will cease production, but worry not there are some new alternatives coming on to the market. However you can create Poladroids for free, FREE!

It's a downloadable application that you drag your photographs on to, hear the polaroid sound and watch them develop on your desktop, you can even shake them to speed up the processing! You can save the images to keep, you can also keep saving them as and when they're developing.

Here are a few of mine, I'm finding this app very distracting while at work, I keep processing polardroids, oops.


Anonymous said...

ooo love it! What a shame they are going to stop making polaroids

bowerbird said...

This is the future Lauren, send me any cool pics you convert to poladroids, spotted your facebook pic changed... enjoy!