Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A good banner ad

I can not believe I have uttered those words, but every now and again a banner advert actually succeeds and engages you. I have witnessed such an event. Lo, I present the campaign for National Book Tokens.

"Because every book nut is different"

1. Select a book (that will become a book nut, it's a head, a nut geddit? Tenuous.)
2. Draw a head in the banner itself, hurrah I'm not taken elsewhere and it's not an expandable banner obstructing the content.
3. Download your drawing to your desktop.
4. Go along on your merry way.

This may seem obvious and banal but it's actually very clever, I've engaged with the brand in a lighthearted way and have remembered it most importantly. On the downside the National Book Tokens website is dry as dust, the drawing that you download is unbranded (as shown above) and I can't find the banner ad for you to play with now, but I did capture a few screen grabs; which only demonstrates how piqued my interest was.

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