Thursday, 11 September 2008

Fling it!

I was lucky enough to come toe to toe with an exciting new brand, namely MBT, The Anti-Shoe, they had an intriguing promotion whereby you throw an old pair of shoes into a bin and receive an entry into a competition to win a pair of MBT shoes.

They also had lovely 'angels' giving massages, free shoe trials and free booze, can't be bad after a day at work. If you're able to try a pair, not only will they start to work out muscles you didn't know you had, you'll also me able to walk like Mr Soft.

I happened to have a dilapidated pair of shoes, so along with my colleague Joe (pictured), we promptly flung our belongings into a bin. Fingers crossed we can win a pair of posture correcting orthopedic shoes! Oh dear.

Image credit: Joe Turner-round mid-fling.


Kat said...

Has anyone heard of RYN shoes that are really popular in Europe right now? … They look similar to MBTs but claim to have better stability and energy return. Plus as I can see a lot more style! What I really like about RYN is that they have a wide selection of sport high models with an air cushion for people like me who are looking for ultra workout & toning results. Does anyone know where I can buy RYN shoes in the United States?

bowerbird said...

I've never heard of RYN shoes actually, but thanks for the link, they look VERY similar.

I thought I'd update, I didn't win a pair of MBT's in the end but my friend Joe did, congratulations Joe!