Tuesday, 15 September 2009

How to promote a brand to perfection

Bouncing on a Tom Dixon rubber band chair in the magical light of dusk, sipping on Bombay Sapphire cocktails in good company. There are worse things I could do on a Monday night.

We, (a collection of London bloggers and Twitterers) gathered at the Dusk bar at Somerset House overlooking the Thames to learn all about the 10 botanicals which make Bombay Sapphire a "mixologist's" choice.

The evening was held inside a perspex wonder designed by Tom Dixon with falling evening light, at one point the dusky sky was a truly gorgeous Bombay Sapphire blue, clever those marketing people huh?

Under the tutelage of Sam Carter, buoyed along with delicious cocktails and nibbles, we constructed Martinis and Berry Spice cocktails. All the while learning about the brand's heritage and the world of gin at large. Information that would be very useful when we given a gin quiz later on in the evening.

I tried to be gracious in victory, but all I can say is that the gin revealed my true competitive colours and my lust for academia was rewarded with a bottle of the blue stuff.

We parted ways quite a while after dusk and as we walked off in search of a bus stop, clutching our spoils (a Gintelligensia goody bag including ANOTHER bottle of the blue stuff, cocktail shaker and gorgeous branded tools of the trade) I was very grateful to impulse, a new London friend/partner in crime and the amazing nights that can occur when you say 'yes'.

My thanks to Miss Robinson, fellow bloggers and the delightful Bombay Sapphire team. Visit them while you can and indulge in an expert drink at the bar until October 18th. Dusk will become your favourite time of day too.

More pictures to follow.


Jem said...

Really well crafted post Miss Bower, I was happy to read such a delightful description of our evening and nodded my head often. Such wordsmith-ery might make me need to rejig the draft I've just written about the same event..

Mo said...

A perfect recap of the evening. Hope you are practising your cocktail making skills.

bowerbird said...

Thank you both, I wrote it while squeezing my Mexican elbow and stirring some ice cubes. Is it cocktail o' clock yet? Please link to your posts/photographs!

Mo said...

Ah and you are very witty as well

Mo said...

Check out a glimpseoflondon today