Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Let the Nightwatchman de-jargon cricket

You may have noticed that cricket season is upon us. I know I have, it seems to be all over the papers, pubs and tv. So here I was thinking, I'd like to understand it, I can certainly get down with the fashions, white is so summery, and the picnic liquid lunches, Pimms anyone? But where do I start?

Well bowl me over with willow and leather and LBW your googlies, there is a website which helps the complete cricket novice understand the fine art! 

Vodafone's Nightwatchman is just the right mix of informative, entertaining and bitesize. Let Dougie Anderson (complete cricket novice) guide you through the rules, jargon, and banter that makes Cricket quintessentially English, oh and you can win tickets. 

I've signed up, hopefully by the time I win (positive, mental, attitude) I'll known my seams from my creases, or something like that. Howzat?!!!.

Also, sweet simple cricket animations in-between the video clips. Pretty.

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