Tuesday, 4 November 2008

That was Playful

I went along to Conway Hall to step outside of my comfort zone and learn a little about gaming; I’m a huge fan of playful design so I was open to new experiences.

The event was organised by Pixel Lab and compèred by their very own Toby Barnes, it would be a day of 20minute talks and lots of tea breaks. It was a varied day, with lots of super intelligent people, some of which were very charming and funny, some less so, but a playful attitude was in abundance, whether you were tech savvy or not, it was an inspiring day.

Highlights included making a Guitar Hero guitar into a real acoustic one, singing sock puppets, free jelly beans and a man with a gigantic head who managed to obstruct my view with such efficiency during one talk I estimated him to have achieved approximately 80 square feet of visual obstruction. Impressive.

Image credit: Tom T Pictured is Roo Reynolds hacking his Guitar

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