Wednesday, 22 October 2008

President's Lectures

No not that president! I'm talking about the D&AD President's Lectures. Last Wednesday we (myself and fellow Diglets, Pete, Joe and Elise) hotfooted it down to Holborn to watch Garrick Hamm ( I shall not indulge how big a fan of this man and his work I am, that's another story) introduce his first lecture as the current President.

For those who don't know D&AD stands for Design and Art Direction; it's a not-for-profit organisation that inspires creatives globally, encourages them to aim high and show-cases the best in the industry and in creative education. It's a tough job, they organise D&AD New Blood. New Blood is where new top graduates can exhibit work but also they can meet real life potential employers. This is how I got my job at Digit; I met the wonderful Henry, Art Director, we had a banter-ful conversation, he saw my work and not long later I was their new intern, but that's another story also. I like D&AD, I especially like their lectures and this one was by Kyle Cooper.

Kyle Cooper is a very entertaining speaker who is best known for creating film titles; Seven, Spiderman, Mission Impossible and Ironman to name a few. Although he does so much more than that too, all in all it was a passionate and genuine talk that enthused us and made us want to make film titles! Thank you Mr Cooper.

Picture Credit: a covert iphone shot hence the lack of quality...

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