Monday, 20 October 2008

My presenting debut!

Oh what a poor debut! I was caught on the hop and asked to define a word while I was volunteering at The Big Draw. The word I was given was 'illustation', no sweat you'd think, she did illustration at degree level, loves words, perfect opportunity to hone my on camera skills you'd presume. Oh no, I looked straight down into the camera's void, froze and jibbered something very short, unimpressive and somehow managed to use the word interpretation twice in 15 seconds.

Ho hum, we all have to start somewhere. Incase you're wondering it was for Wordia, the online visual dictionary, it's user generated and great in theory, upload your own definition of any word. I'd suggest practicing and ensuring you actually make sense...

UPDATE Here's the clip, I'd like to say enjoy, but here it is.

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