Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Make ideas happen.

I had a lovely present sitting on my desk when I returned to work this week, some fetching Behance stationary, an Action Book and an Action Runner no less! (Thank you Digit).

Behance is a free platform for the world's leading creative professionals; they also make stationary designed by and for creative professionals, which help you harness the many ideas that may otherwise disappear into the creative ether.

If you have a little time, read more about The Action Method it's simple, makes sense and they make beautifully designed gear to boot.

The image above shows the left hand side is for prep/focus and notations, the coloured checklist are your action steps, the lower right-hand corner is your backburner for all those great but totally irrelevant ideas that can otherwise clutter your mind and make you lose focus. There's also a lovely dotted grid overleaf that is great to doodle on.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Oh they look niiiiiice,
but I'm all about the Moleskines right now.