Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Chronotebook, now please, NOW.

This is old, (2002) but it's new to me, and as far as my scant search can reveal unavailable as yet. Come on Muji, sort it out. This beautiful, non-linear diary/notebook/organiser is split into AM and PM circles to organise your life around. Clever huh?
Stocking filler anyone?

Image Credit:
Muji Awards '02
Designer's Name : Wong Kok Keong [Orcadesign] (Singapore)
Category : Notebook


maureenb said...

stocking filler eh- going christmas shopping very soon so who knows?

Andrew said...

I like it.
I haven't visited in a while, great posts recently. Though why didn't you put up the actual video of you on Wordia so we can all judge for ourselves if you screwed it up or not?

bowerbird said...

Erm, well I was being a coward, here's the clip:

Glad you're enjoying the posts, I'm enjoying writing them.

As for the stocking filler, dearest secret shopper/father christmas, I don't think the notebook is available to buy, sadly.