Sunday, 17 August 2008

Images 32

I had the pleasure of attending Images 32 private view a few weeks ago, which was a lovely event over at London College of Communication. It's a great space and is there until 29th August when it goes on tour. So if you can, take a peek, it's free!

The AOI have done a great job and by their own admission, it's been a strong year for illustration, it was a strange experience seeing illustrators whose work I've admired from afar, so putting faces to names and most importantly seeing the people behind the illustrations was surreal. Jill Calder, Jonny Hannah, Tom Gauld and most extraordinarily Quentin Blake were in attendance, the latter of which was presenting the awards in lieu of David Downton's absence.

I was there as Jemma Robinson (pictured above) of Jemillo fame's guest, this is Jemma's second inclusion in Images. My work was featured in last year's Images, but my day job has become my excuse for not doing more personal work, this is something I aim to amend. More pictures of the night are available on my flickr page.  

Images 32 cover photograph courtesy of The AOI, cover illustration by Jill Calder.

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