Thursday, 14 August 2008

Hello world!

I'm told this is the traditional inaugural opening line of any blog, so let's go! I hope to write about illustration in all its guises and hopefully encourage myself to finally make a website after two years of hot air.

I'd also like to add, after a very fruitful conversation at lunch, this insight:
"Happiness is our default setting, we just can't help but meddle with the settings"
Who knows, an illustration may follow one day, or atleast Bowerbird's book of insights.

Also I would like to thank Spencer Johnson, who penned two books that have had a profound effect on me which I recommend to all, tinker,tailer, soilder and spy alike. "
Who Moved My Cheese" and "The Present". Don't be put off by the titles, they offer very profound lessons in the form of simple stories, and are the reason I am starting this blog about my passion, illustration.

Image Credit: Bowerbird, pitch illustration for Marks & Spencer

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Lorenza said...

Hi Michelle!
Lovely to find your blog :) look forward to seeing you more of your lovely artwork! L x