Thursday, 28 August 2008

Birthday boy

Although they are pink and undoubtedly girly, these are for my boyfriend's birthday. The boy in question doesn't like sweet things but doesn't want to miss out on a cake either, (confused?) so I decided to make something lovely looking. The polenta makes them taste a little grainier and healthier than normal cupcakes, yum.

Here's the recipe for Strawberry and polenta cupcakes.

NB is an excellent website made by Poke, the site had a few initial teething problems last year but it's my first port of call for all amazing recipes, cakes especially.

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Monaz said...

This is one of the recipes that I developed for GoodFood in the recent August issue for a fresh fruit cakes feature. I found your blog through the comment you'd made on the GF site. The polenta is indeed there to make the texture more substantial and give a little bit of body, and I'm so glad you like them - they look really lovely! It's so heartening to see people enjoying recipes you've spent time patiently testing, writing and then styling on shoot. Makes it all worth it. Thank you so much.